Steps When Writing a Proper Explanatory Essay

Step 1. Pick up a topic you properly understand

In fact, writing the explanatory essay is rather basic despite the fact it might look complicated. You are able to explain almost anything.

Step 2. Don’t veer to the other essay’s territory

Don’t write a process essay or persuasive essay. Adhere to the explanatory style, demonstrating your teacher that you have understood the topic completely. When you are backing up your topic with pieces of evidence, make a solid case, but do not sway the audience. Your description should be more of a discussion, but less of the step-by-step guide.

Step 3. Gather the pieces of evidence to back up your paper

You should have good reasons to back up your main idea if you want to write a good explanatory essay. Your essay will be strong if your reasoning is strong too. Take your pieces of information from credible sources. For instance, you would better check the landing page of any website you come across in Google to get to know more about the reliability of the information presented there. Track your sources in order to mention them in your essay.

Step 4. Outline your paper

To make the process of writing easier, do some preparation work. For instance, the painter makes a sketch before painting the picture. If writing is a form of art, you should make an outline before you compose a paper. Do it if you want your paper to be a real masterpiece.

Step 5. Write the main body of the paper

The minimum number of paragraphs in each solid essay is 5. However, there may be even more paragraphs if you wish. The number of paragraphs depends on the word count, specified in the instructions and guidelines for your paper by your teacher. Make sure you concentrate on a certain point in each paragraph, explaining it clearly in the initial sentence. Transition to the next paragraph if you want to develop another idea.

Step 6. Finish your introduction and conclusion

Finish your paper on a strong note. Make your final paragraph memorable with a powerful summary.

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