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Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, December 4

Russian forces hit over 100 settlements in Ukraine, injuring 3 over the past day -- Military confirms Russian troops executed 2 Ukrainian POWs in Donetsk Oblast -- Russian infantry activity rising in southeastern front line -- Russia seeking to suppress domestic anti-mobilization sentiment -- and more

Creating a Powerful Online Presence Without Straining Resources

Die-cutting for color boxes unexpectedly encounters so many issues? How to solve them?


Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, December 3

Ukraine’s fight to heal millions of children scarred by Russia’s war -- As sanctions bite, Russia eyes Ukraine’s mineral resources to fund its invasion -- Russia's Shoigu refers to offensives as 'active defense' to lower expectations -- Resistance blow up Russian refueling station in Melitopol -- and more

راهنمای گام به گام تغییر پایه یک شاخه مبتنی بر شاخه دیگر در گیت پس از Squash Merge

در گیت، تغییر دادن پایهٔ شاخه‌ای که بر پایه شاخه‌ای دیگر بنا شده است پس از Squash Merge می‌تواند دشواری‌هایی داشته باشد. در این مقاله به صورت گام به گام این مشکل را رفع می‌کنیم.

Rebasing a Branch Created from Another Branch to Main After Squash Merge: A Step-by-Step Guide

Rebasing a branch made of another branch to the main branch gets tricky after a squash merge. In this article, I provide a step-by-step guide to tackle this problem.

NANFU: Ведущий премиальный игрок выходит на рынок батареек РФ и рассчитывает на лидерство с долей 30% в течение пяти лет

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, December 2

Russian drones use Ukrainian SIMs for flight guidance -- Ukraine secures extra 500 MW hours of electricity imports from EU -- Delivery of GLSDB (Grand Launched Small Diameter Bomb)long-range weapons by US to Ukraine pushed to 2024 -- US, allies sanction Russia-based North Koreans over satellite launch -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, December 1

Ombudsman confirms first case of Russian citizen changing identity of illegally adopted Ukrainian child -- EU to announce plans to use frozen Russian assets for Ukraine's reconstruction -- Russian forces kill 2000 Ukrainian civilians in 2023 -- SBU targets military supply rail line in Siberia -- and more

Wood-Based Wizardry: Sodium Lignosulfonate's Magic in Paper Production

Coconut Shell Charcoal Pyrolysis: A Renewable Energy Source for the Future

In the pursuit of a sustainable energy future, innovative solutions are crucial, and coconut shell charcoal pyrolysis emerges as a promising candidate.


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