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Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, August 31

Ukrainian intelligence confirms destruction of 4 Russian aircraft in Pskov -- Ukrainian forces continue advance south of Robotyne -- Russia, North Korea talks on arms supplies move forward -- Indian businesses come under sanctions for the first time due to war in Ukraine -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, August 30

Russian colonel tortured civilians to death in Kherson Oblast -- Kremlin has a long history of killing its opponents -- As counteroffensive presses forward in southeast, 'every meter costs a life' -- German company under investigation for selling drone components to Russia -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, August 26

Ukrainian forces have broken through Russian main lines of defense in some areas -- Kyiv, Moscow's opposing attitudes toward Soviet past shape two different futures -- F-16s & the irrational politics of military aid -- Number of Wagner fighters in Belarus decreases -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, August 14

Putin cracks down on pro-war opposition as all-out war falters -- Russian forces launch drones and missiles at Odesa, injuring 3 -- Russia lied about ship inspection in Black Sea -- Partisans set Russian base on fire in Mariupol -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, July 6

What could really happen if Russia destroys Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant? -- Fire erupts at oil depot in Russian-occupied Makiivka -- Possible cholera outbreaks in occupied part of Kherson Oblast -- Russia eyes Chechens, convicts to avoid full mobilization -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, July 4

New body for investigating Russian crime of aggression opens office in The Hague -- Ukraine designates Unilever as 'international sponsor of war' -- All hospitals in occupied Lysychansk re-purposed by Russia for military needs -- Ukrainians under occupation face deportation, loss of property after Putin's new order -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, June 7

What are the consequences of the Kakhovka dam’s demolition? -- Australia considers sending F/A-18 fighter jets to Ukraine -- Inside assault training in Donbas: ‘If you want to survive — learn’ -- Russian forces attack Kherson as rescue workers evacuate civilians -- and more

#Донецк, ПВО

Ну вот, голубой дядя с цифрами всё. А жаль, мы будем скучать #о…

R to @RawTiger4: Не, это движок только, по идее

R to @666_mancer: це воно з цілою бойовою частиною чи я помиляюсь?

#Донецк, 10-52, чи то ПВО, чи то Тюльпан расчехлили. А может, вообще литачок